Monday, 30 May 2011

belated update

It has a been a while since our last update and we have several important things to say:

First, we must make comment about the recent "elections". We are pleased to note that our 1st choice option of "no" in the referendum was passed. The retention of First Past The Post is the best option for small parties such as our own. The "Alternate Vote" system would have meant that people voting for non-Mercian parties could transfer their votes to other non-Mercian parties, and hence beat our candidates; whereas it is unlikely any supporters of an anti-Mercian party would ever transfer votes to us.

Secondly, we welcome the decision of the people of Scotland to elect a majority Scottish National Party government. For too long Scotland has acquiesced to Wessex-Kentish imperialism, and it is to be hoped that the new regime will help other oppressed peoples within the so-called "United" Kingdom.

However, yet again, we received exactly no votes. It was suggested in committee that rather than the rampant electoral fraud we initially attributed this to, we had in fact neglected to nominate any candidates, an apparently necessary step in the Hanoverian regime. We have set up a working group to look into this explanation.

Finally, and a rather unusual topic for this site, we wish to talk about the recent kinematographic presentation by Marvel Studios and directed by Kenneth Branagh. That is to say: Thor. This is an adaption of the religion of the Mercian people. We enjoyed this film, and endorse it as an accurate representation of our beliefs, with the reservation that it seems unfortunate to cast an actor of Japanese ancestry in the role of the god Hogun. We had thought that everyone knew that the Eddas establish Hogun to be of Korean descent! Apparently this is incorrect.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Soliday with South Sudan; urgent twibbon campaign

This year has already seen revolutions in two countries in the world (Egypt and Tunis) to otherthrow oppressive regimes, and a third (South Sudan) will soon see independence! The Mercian Nationalist Party would like to express solidarity with these movements, and to call upon all Mercians to replicate this achievement, and otherthrow the despicable Wessex-Kentish state. To this end, we plan to recommend overlaying a small icon representing a blue and yellow ribbon in twitter icons. First, we must design one, and to this end we are having a competition to design such a "twibbon". Please send entries to Remember, we must sieze the moment.

Friday, 31 December 2010

The first phase of our website redesign has taken place. We now offer multiple pages of information, and a Runic version of the website. We have been mentioned on a blogpost over at The Cornish Republican regarding "English regionalism", although we of course reject that label.

Sadly due to Google imperialism we are unable to offer our "Blogg" in Runic.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Welcome to our 'Blogg'

Greetings, Mercian Nationalists, and welcome to our new Blogg. We believe it is the first Blogg to have been set up on the topic of Mercian Nationalism, another first for us, after we set up the first web sight for Mercian Nationalism in 2003.
It is very appropriate that we use the "Blogg" format, as it is named after Jeremiah Blogg, of Lichfield, an early pioneer in Mercian consciousness, who first demonstrated the format in theMercian newspaper "The Mercian".  Times have changed, though, and now we are of course using an electronic Blogg.

We aim here to provide a Mercian Nationalist perspective on news and events in Mercia, the rest of the "United" Kingdom, and on broader world events - a viewpoint all too sadly ignored by the Wessex-Kentish media elite.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Besides, Ireland would get in the Way

We have recently been interviewed by a German publication. In their questions they expressed a misapprehension that we would like to clarify: the Mercian Nationalist Party has no intention of separation from Britain: we are quite happy with our geographic position. We wish only for independence from the political entities of Englaland and the "United Kingdom".

Friday, 7 May 2010

the "election"

As you may be aware, our Wessex-Kentish overlords recently held a general "election". This so-called election was deeply flawed. Apart from the issues in many parts of Mercia where people found themselves locked out and unable to vote, the Mercian Nationalist Party supposedly recieved not a single vote, from anywhere in the country. In fact, the Party does not even appear on the BBC's election results page. This despite the promised support of dozens of voters. Will we let this blatant deceit go unpassed?

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet

We have noticed that we have been mentioned on the well-known website "Wikipedia", on their article about Mercia. However, unfortunately they have spelled our name wrong, as the "Mercian National Party", not the "Mercian Nationalist Party". Update! This has now been corrected! However, this error only goes to show that you cannot trust everything you read on the Internet.